Cody De Arkland

Builder | Advocate | Marketer | BBQ'er | Dad Joke Maker


I work at LaunchDarkly where I lead a team focused on helping developers and teams learn ways to deploy software faster. I spend most of my days building content and implementing strategies to create better connections with developer and practitioners in the technical community. Content wise, I spend most of my time building video and blog content - but enjoy most forms of digital content creation.

I love learning. I'm passionate about mental health, community, and mentorship. When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with my wife Shannon, our daughters Hayley and Morgan, training my Goldendoodle Charlie, or working on my BBQ craft and the journey to smoke the perfect piece of meat.

In my past lives I've had a variety of operational and architecture roles within the utility industry, as well as a mix of sales, marketing, and advocacy roles at VMware, HashiCorp, and Kong.

If you want to chat about these, or anything really, I encourage you to reach out using the social links below! Enjoy your visit!

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Oct 22 | What is a Feature Flag?

What is a feature flag anyways? This video explains the high level concept and why you would use it.

Oct 22 | Feature Flags - Frontend vs Backend

In this video I talk through the differences between feature flags that impact frontend applications vs backend applications with examples of each.

Apr 22 | How it works - Exploring the Tech of LaunchDarkly

LaunchDarkly is a platform made up of many different capabilities and architecture choices. This video gives a high level of both.

Jan 22 | Extending APIs with LaunchDarkly

A common use case for LaunchDarkly is rolling out new APIs to developer teams. In this video, I create a simple example using Python and Flask and show rolling out a new API change.

Jan 22 | Cloud and Databse Migrations with LaunchDarkly

People often use feature flags to rollout new databases or cloud services. In this video I show rolling out a new database change using feature flags and LaunchDarkly.

Jun 21 | Understanding Gateway Mode in Kuma Service Mesh

Learn how Kuma, an open source service mesh, and Kong Mesh for enterprise allow you to use ANY API gateway as a 'doorway' into the service mesh using 'Gateway Mode.'

Jun 21 | Kong Builders - Getting Started with Kuma Service Mesh

Cody De Arkland from Kong discusses some of the basics of service mesh and how to get set up on Kuma.

Nov 20 | Up and Running with HCP Consul on AWS, Service Mesh, and Terraform

Unpack how we build consistent networking between services running in AWS with Consul Service Mesh for the HashiCorp Cloud Platform and unpack how we simplify and scale our management with Terraform Cloud.

Nov 20 | Tech Field Day - Application First Networking with Consul

Demonstrates HashiCorp Consul, using Nomad to deploy workloads and connect multiple environments together in a practical service mesh.